Restorative Cleaning

Pet Odor Removal

Pre-sale Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

  1. Thoroughly pre-vacuum including edge/corner detail (unless you choose to hire us to vacuum).   It is vital to remove as much dry-soil and particulates as possible prior to the steam extraction process!
  2. Stow fragile items and decorations.
  3. Remove small furnishings (dining room chairs, coffee tables, ottomans, etc.) if you want us to clean beneath them.  Generally, there is no need to move large furniture (beds, armoires, etc.) due to little or no foot traffic beneath.
  4. Secure pets in a quiet room.
  5. Provide open access for the technician’s vehicle.

We keep things simple and straight-forward by pricing residential carpet cleaning by the number of areas (vs. by square footage).  Here are some definitions that will be helpful to review prior to calling us for an estimate:

FULL AREA:                         Any individual living-space under 300 sq. ft. (average bedroom, dining, family room, etc.).

PARTIAL AREA:                 Other spaces (hallway, landing, walk-in-closet, etc.).

COMBINATION AREA:   Adjoining areas are tallied as individual full areas (dining/living, family/den, etc.).

STAIR FLIGHT:                  Each uninterrupted series of stair steps.

STAIRCASE:                        Any number of stair flights between levels.

Cleaner Guys features truck-mounted hot water/steam extraction carpet, upholstery and hard surface cleaning to residents throughout Skagit, Island, North-Shohomish & Whatcom Counties.  We are not your average carpet cleaning company.  Our certified technicians undergo in-depth training, attain certifications and utilize world-class equipment.  We pride ourselves on performing exceptional workmanship and serving our clients masterfully.  We don’t appreciate anyone playing games with us so we don’t do that to our clients; our pricing is straight-up and straight-forward; no bait/switch.

Why Choose Cleaner Guys?

Certified Technicians

Our technicians are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), an internationally recognized authentication of world-class training and the practice of the highest standards and integrity in cleaning.

Pet Odor Removal

Even the most well-behaved pets have accidents from time to time, which wreaks havoc on your carpet in the form of odor and spots/stains.  Removing odor resulting from body fluids is challenging.  Body acids and dyes within your pets’ food can alter the color of your carpet fibers.

Allergen Abatement

According to the Center for Disease Control, the average household is home to billions of toxins, from dust mites to pesticides that are tracked into our homes by humans as well as well as dander from pets.  Our extraction process removes many of these contaminants, reducing allergy symptoms.

Super Extraction

Extracting water is 1200 times faster than air movement alone.  Our machines have world-class suction to remove more moisture, prior to adding the use of fans, to minimize residual humidity.

Faster Dry Time

We own some of the fastest commercial drying air movement equipment in the world; we are capable of drying carpet in minutes, not days.  Sound too good to be true?  It’s not, let us show you!

Deeper Cleaning

Boiling water temperature is key to killing micro organisms, suspending particulates and contaminates for the purpose of flushing and removing them from carpet fibers.

Thorough Agitation

Steam cleaning is all about emulsifying and extracting contaminants from your carpet.  We carefully agitate carpet fibers after applying our pre-spray solution, for the purpose of suspending soil so we can remove it.

Minor Carpet Re-stretching

Carpet is manufactured to be installed and cleaned drum-tight!  We can often perform limited re-stretching to relax wrinkles or ripples.  Please advise if you believe that your carpet may need re-stretching, during the booking process so we can be sure to allot additional time and equipment.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

Our extraction and disposal process is EPA compliant.  Beware of competitors who dump waste water unlawfully, which can result in huge fines for both them and you!

We would love to schedule your carpet cleaning! Call Cleaner Guys now: (360) 757-4300