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Results are what matter in the restoration process and Cleaner Guys delivers. We have the training, knowledge, and experience to save your valuables from ruin. You will appreciate our service for the comfort you get seeing your family treasures returned to you and your insurance company appreciates our service because cleaning is nearly always far more cost effective than replacement. In the case of heirloom and investment quality items in your home, no amount of money can return the sentimental value to you. Rapid response to your loss and decisive action to save your property from the harsh acids that from soot and moisture is what you need. The only way to properly remediate smoke and odor problems Cleaner Guys is an IICRC certified firm which is the starting point of your confidence in our ability to provide you with the results you need and restoration costs your insurance company can live with. We have specific training and certification in the specialized tasks associated with restoring structures and contents from the effects of smoke and odor following a fire. If you have had a fire time is counting down to when the soot begins irreversible etching, corrosion, and discoloration which either cannot be reversed or it becomes too costly to do so. Your insurance company is typically only obligated to restore or replace your contents on whichever is the cheaper type of decision making. Coverage and policy limits can also become a significant factor in deciding what to restore and what to replace. The costs of cleaning and restoration can skyrocket in a matter of days or weeks if action is not taken.

While our friends in the firefighting business are mostly gracious and try their best to not cause damage in the process of extinguishing a fire, the bottom line is, there is likely going to be some water, foam or other fire retardant deployed to save your home. Water becomes a significant factor in the magnitude of the damage to your home and belongings. Decisive action is required to get the restoration process started. Frequently, power is cut to the home to prevent the further fire from electrical shorts and to protect firefighters from electric shock. When this happens, it becomes critical to get temporary power, lighting and drying equipment on the site to stop water damage and mold from further complicating your situation. Cleaner Guys has significant experience in water damage mitigation, drying and mold remediation which further supports their substantial expertise in handling your fire and smoke damage.

Site safety is paramount when you have had any sort of structural damage to your home and/or water or other fire retardants have been utilized to extinguish a fire. There can be electrical shock hazards, slip, fall, entrapment or any number of other hazards in a place that has been designed to keep you and your family safe. Once a home has sustained damage like a fire the safety risks can become significant. Cleaner Guys assess the site and make corrections or erects barriers around such hazards to protect our employees, insurance professionals, building inspectors and you.

There can also be more insidious and less obvious hazards such as asbestos, lead or other building materials that are safe to be around until they have become disturbed by fire, axes and chainsaws becoming airborne and a serious potential respiratory hazard. Only personnel with proper protective equipment should be within the building at that point.

Hiring a company that is qualified to complete the cleaning and restoration process right the first time is absolutely imperative. Cleaner Guys is one of the few such companies in Skagit County that has what is required to properly restore your property, work with your insurance but also to provide you with outstanding customer service the whole way through. You may never be glad you had a fire but you will most certainly be glad you hired Cleaner Guys. We build life-long relationships around your cleaning and restoration needs.

In many cases, the fire department putting out a fire is only the beginning of the trouble most people experience when they have had a fire in their home or business. Finding and hiring a qualified restoration cleaning firm to immediately start the cleaning process can make the difference between losing your personal possessions to the fire and having them returned to you clean and odor free.

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