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Mold growth within a structure is almost always a result (symptom) of conditions that create an environment where mold can flourish.  Discovering and correcting the root conditions is the first and most critical step in any mold remediation project.  Cleaning and removal of mold without correcting the underlying conditions that support mold growth is often an extremely short-term quick-fix, if not a cover-up.  Cleaner Guys is committed to providing clients with truthful analysis and the right solutions so as to minimize the potential of recurring issues.  We live on a dynamic planet; conditions are constantly changing so it is no one can legitimately guarantee an indefinite fix that will eliminate all potential of any future microbial growth… but you can be assured of an ongoing and ever-worsening problem if mold/mildew issues and the conditions that support them are ignored.

Cleaner Guys has the training, knowledge and resources to remediate mold in residential and commercial structures.   We remain above reproach and avoid percieved conflicts of interest by intentionally work alongside independent mold inspectors and industrial hygienists; these professionals objectively and scientifically measure and evaluate contamination, or confirming the lack thereof.  This way, the company that stands to provide a service such as mold remediation is NOT the same Company that is claiming or confirming contamination in questionable circumstances.

Many people assume that [even] profound discoloration of a material (attic sheathing is a common example) is inherent evidence of mold growth; not necessarily!  Discoloration may indicated active microbial growth… but discoloration may also be staining from when OSB/plywood was installed in a wet environment that supported mold growth at the time it was installed… often decades ago.  There may be no active mold growth (i.e. no remediation needed) despite aesthetic appearance.

Why Choose Cleaner Guys?

Small Projects

As a general guideline, mold growth that is contained to a single area that totals less than 8-10 square feet can be dealt with in a simple localized manor.  A project like this typically results from acute conditions within a single room, or an area of a room such as behind a piece of furniture.

Moderate to Heavy Colonization

We are fully equipped to tackle formidable mold and mildew growth.   This often entails cleaning materials in place, but can involve removing material that is permanently damaged or would cost more to clean/remediate than to replace.

Widespread Mold Damage

Sometimes water damage goes unchecked for an extended period of time, causing extensive structural damage and creating a multi-faceted health and safety risk to current or future occupants of the space.  Especially in these situations, you cannot afford to try half or self-measures.

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