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Water & Fire Damage Repair

Mold Damage Repair

After your home is dry and relatively clean its time to put things back together again. A licensed and bonded general contractor, Cleaner Guys is ready to complete the restoration phase of your property damage project. We have a great group of sub-contractors we use to complete repair projects. Are subcontractors are carefully chosen based on their quality of work,  clear and honest communication. When you engage Cleaner Guys to bid on and perform reconstruction services in your home or business we will be very up-front and honest with you about the entire process starting with how soon we can start and how long the work will take and then do everything within our control to get your repair project done promptly.

Cleaner Guys take care, consideration and close management of your reconstruction project. When your home or business has been affected by water, mold, fire or other damage it can be tough to feel like you are at home while that is in the process. We treat your home like it was our home, your business like our business, and do everything we can to get you functional again, as soon as possible.

Cleaner Guys is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with the insurance claims process and will take charge of making sure your claim covers everything within the limits of your policy working with your adjuster to understand all the complexities of your home and property damage. Sometimes repairing the specific damage to your property is not all that is required to restore your home’s value, function, and comfort. The impact to your home’s market value or appeal is no different than the loss of use of a kitchen or bathroom and things need to be returned to pre-loss condition or better to help preserve the value of your home. Cleaner Guys does not attempt to get anything from your insurance company that is not a required part of the claim. Claims professionals are busy people and Cleaner Guys can communicate clearly, concisely and thoroughly with your adjuster about the needs of your project allowing them to make good decisions that benefit you and allow their claim file to stand up to scrutiny. Cleaner Guys is a company of the highest integrity and claims professionals we work with know and trust us for it.

Don’t like the way your house was before your property damage? No problem! Cleaner Guys will work with your claims adjuster to get an greed cost to put things back the way they were which is what your insurance is obligated to do and then write a change order for small variations or even a whole new estimate for the changes you would like. All pricing is known upfront and unless you change your mind about something, the final price is the same as the initial price. You can rest in knowing the future of your project does not have any surprises at the end of your newly completed repair project.

Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration

Cleaner Guys cleaning and restoration services begin with a solid grounding on industry accepted and time tested principles of structural drying. While our methods and strategies are informed by our formal training, creative thinking, knowledge of building construction technique and materials

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Fire & Smoke Damage

In many cases, the fire department putting out a fire is only the beginning of the trouble most people experience when they have had a fire in their home or business. Finding and hiring a qualified restoration cleaning firm to immediately start the cleaning process can make the

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Mold Removal

Mold growth in an indoor living environment can be a serious problem for both the building and its occupants. Cleaner Guys has the training, knowledge and resources to remediate mold from homes and buildings effectively working with industrial hygienists to obtain objective measurements to both

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Site Cleaning

Do you know who to call if you discovered your rental or investment property had been taken over by vagrants, damaged by vandals, or your tenant turns out to be someone who cannot bring themselves to throw things away? This is a very real problem in world of managed property and real estate

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