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Hard Surface Sealing

We have specialized training and certifications in performing pressure extraction hard surface cleaning in both residential and commercial settings.  Many companies claim to clean hard surfaces, but most machines convert to cold water the moment pressure is increased.  Combining pressure and heat, along with the right cleaning solutions and tools/equipment, is imperative to effectively emulsify and remove soil and contaminants from surfaces; these four elements used irresponsibly can also cause significant damage.

In addition to cleaning both ceramic tile, natural stone and other hard surface flooring, we are a Certified Applicator of DryTreat impregnating sealers (different than floor finishes, which are a coating atop the surface).  When applied properly by a Certified Applicator, DryTreat carries a 15 year guarantee!

Cleaner Guys cleans and restores hard surfaces such as natural and man-made stone, tile/grout and concrete close to their original beauty.  We also have the ability to deep clean vinyl plank and other vinyl flooring products, as well as hardwood floors, etc.  Our protocols and equipment are not limited to floors; we clean these materials in other areas such as counter tops and shower enclosures, etc.   We are also happy to seal surfaces after cleaning for you as well, which will help maintain their appearance and integrity over time, in addition to being easier to maintain and clean.

Why Choose Cleaner Guys?


We offer a line of protective sealants that can be applied after cleaning. Sealing your hard surfaces can save you a lot of money and effort in cleaning, prolongs the life of the product and keeps surfaces looking beautiful throughout their useful life.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

Our extraction and disposal process is EPA friendly. Beware of competitors who dump waste water unlawfully, which can result in huge fines for both them and you.

Deep Cleaning

Scalding water temperature is the key to suspending grease and particulates within carpet fibers. You could actually eat off of the floors that we’ve sanitized through restorative cleaning!


Many competitors skip this vital step in hard surface cleaning, which is equivalent to simply running soapy water over your hands after working in your garden (without rubbing your hands together). We carefully agitate hard surfaces and grout lines so as to maximize our cleaning solutions and release the bond that grime has to the hard surface, to then remove those contaminants and restore surfaces.

Super Extraction

Our machines have world-class suction, leave no residue & remove more water to expedite dry time.

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