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Cleaner Guys holds top-level certifications by the IICRC. (More about IICRC HERE)  We employ industry-standard protocols and procedures according to our formal training, but we also intentionally take steps back to think outside the box and creatively, reflecting on our knowledge of building materials and structure.  It’s easy to become myopic and focus on localized symptoms; we account for the bigger picture.  We own an array of world-class structural drying equipment and tools and have ready access to more for larger dry-out projects.  Cleaner Guys applies these attributes and the right equipment to achieve prowess in water damage restoration/mitigation.  Certified management and technicians alike assure that your water damage needs will be met efficiently and effectively, giving you peace of mind.

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Cleaner Guys restoration services begin with a solid grounding on industry-accepted and time-tested principles of structural drying.

Why Choose Cleaner Guys?

Structural Drying

Washington State has a unique advantage in the water damage mitigation and drying industry. Right here in the great Northwest are several companies that design, test and build some of the finest drying equipment in the world and we leverage all of that expertise by having on hand, and within


On any water damage flooring is the most likely material to be affected and frequently is the most costly material affected. Water that migrates from a bath, laundry or kitchen into areas where there is carpet, hardwoods, tile or other materials need to be addressed quickly and effectively.

Damaged Materials

Sometimes water has time to damage building materials and/or personal property to an extent that is not restorable, or it is not economically feasible to do so. This can be due to the problem not being discovered immediately or the materials in the water are highly sensitive and easily damaged.


Cleaner Guys knows that rapid response to water damage is the primary determining factor between a simple, low-cost drying solution and a disruptive, costly restoration project. Modern building materials frequently do not respond well to water and can be irreversibly damaged by water sitting for


After your home is dry and relatively clean its time to put things back together again. A licensed and bonded general contractor, Cleaner Guys is ready to complete the restoration phase of your property damage project. We have a great group of sub-contractors we use to complete repair projects.

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